Oilfield1.com Welcomes Former NFL Player to the Oilfield Industry

It’s no secret the Oil & Gas industry is made up of amazing hard working people. We have all traveled different journeys to get where we are today.

Oilfield1.com is proud to introduce Clint Finley. Clint is one of the many amazing hard, working people in the oil & gas industry. However his journey is no ordinary story. Clint is a former NFL player, playing several seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs; don’t hold that against him ūüôā Read Clint’s bio and interview below & don’t forget to connect with him.


I grew in West Texas town of Iraan and South Texas town of Cuero, where my father, Mickey Finley, was the Athletic Director/Head Football Coach in both places respectively. ¬†I was able to earn a scholarship to play football for the University of Nebraska where we won two Big 12 Championships and a National Championship in 1997. ¬†I was then fortunate to play a couple season with the Kansas City Chiefs where we won our Division and earned the NFL’s best regulars season record of 13-3. ¬†From there I naturally starting coaching high school football. ¬†Spent 7 years as the Athletic Director/Head Football Coach at Los Fresnos CISD where I oversaw two high schools, 3 middle schools. ¬†The Los Fresnos Athletics was voted BEST Athletic Program in The Valley in 2014. ¬†I’m approaching a year in November in sales for¬†Performance Chemical Company.


Why the Oil Field?

I was presented an opportunity to work for two men I have the utmost respect for, and have a very similar background as athletes. They understand the commitment, work ethic, and culture it takes to be successful. Providing for my family as well as obtaining a schedule that allows me to give MY kids the time they deserve was very inviting.

What are your Goals?

First and foremost I want to provide for my family, but I want to improve my knowledge in the oil field to the point that I can help manage in some compactly. ¬†I’ve got successful management experience as a former AD, and want to use that experience again at some point. ¬†In the meantime I’m going to play my role to the best of my ability for the PCC TEAM and our extended teams, our clients.

What do you like about the oil field so far?

I like the competitiveness in the oil field. ¬†It’s just like football or any other sport. ¬†You have to do your job well and get the job done, or you get replaced. ¬†I wouldn’t have it any other way. ¬†I am a competitor, and have been my whole life. ¬†I just ask for an opportunity to out work people. ¬†It’s “Dog Eat Dog” and that’s the way it should be.

What do you dislike about the oil field?

If I had to pick one thing, I guess it would be the decisions made for the wrong reasons.  I see some decisions made due to personal relationships rather than decisions made with the best interest of the TEAM (company) in mind.  I get that it is just the way things are, but I just like to see decisions made with the best interest of the team in mind.  Whether its  football, in the oil field, or life in general, any level of success is NOT obtained alone, I guarantee that!

What services does your company provide?

Performance Chemical is a full service chemical company.  We can serve chemicals from the bit to the pipe.  If you need it, we got it.  We are based in Midland, Texas and have field offices all over from New Mexico, to San Angelo, to Carrizo Springs.  We hang our hat on production, but we have great success with completion, and midstream services as well.


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