What Happen to the Power in Oil & Gas Rich Texas???

What happened to the power in oil rich Texas??

When the decisions were made to convert from oil and gas to wind and solar power generation, what happened to the old generation plants?

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Oh that’s right,…they were closed down. And when those plants were closed down, what happened to the supply demand levels of gas and oil?

Oh that’s right,…..they were cut short and limited. And when the Texas energy sector warned of low capacity issues and the need for new pipelines to supply the ever growing Texas residents what happened?

Oh that’s right,….environmental pink haired Nazis claimed they were killing the planet and leaders bowed down to keep a “green” perception to the public.

And when oil and gas production levels were cut, what happened to those jobs that supplied the gas to the generation plants?

Oh that’s right,……they disappeared. We went from a fully capable and fully independent energy system capable of outclassing the rest of the world to one that decided to put their faith in wind and solar.

And when a 1 in a hundred year polar vortex hit, the wind generators froze and the solar panels covered in snow stopped producing. Leaving only 70% of possible electricity generation.

And thanks to mismanagement from board members with no background in energy, out of the 70% of possible availability the state had, only 38% was available. Renewable energy failed when Texas needed it the most.

Bureaucrats with insane ideals that renewables could outperform gas failed when Texas needed it the most. Texas needs to go back to 100% fully independent energy with permanent gas, coal, and nuclear operations And wind and solar as a surplus commodity to off set other costs.

To say that wind and solar did not fail Texas is a lie. No amount of renewables would have changed the outcome of this situation, they simply CANNOT ramp up production on demand.

Gas generation plants being taken offline with limited gas supply infrastructure failed Texas as well, this would have changed the outcome of this situation as these plants CAN ramp up production on demand.

Having new pipelines and MORE homes heated with gas, taking the burden of electric resistance heat off the grid and having our energy generation be 100% dependent on time tested cheap gas with the right people making decisions for Texans would have avoided this disaster.

Let this be a lesson when you hear politicians screaming about “green” energy and killing pipelines for political points.

-Dave Allbright

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  1. What gets me is that Texas also has an abundant supply of soft coal and we were using it (prior to the Obama EPA) to fire power plants. Now all of those soft-coal fired plants are gone.

  2. I have read the headlines of about eight main stream media pieces claiming that the Texas problem was not solely due to freezing wind turbines. What kind of an idiot to they take me for? However, the rules foisted on us by the Obama EPA (and the subsidies for wind turbines provided since) have gone a long way to creating the problem.

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