Get Ready Oilfield | Oil Industry on the Rise….

According to an article from significant signs show that the Oil & Gas Industry is shifting from survival mode to growth. It is reported that a number of major oil & gas corporations are making some big moves. More than $11 billion of transactions were announced globally in July.

Oil prices seem to have stabilize & now major deal-making is expected to accelerate. Corporations such as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Statoil are involved in the latest activity.

Now the big question is – how long will it take to see an increase of oilfield job openings? As always we will continue to work hard to find and share oilfield related jobs in your area. If you are currently looking for a job click here to get your info uploaded into our data base. We will use this information to determine what jobs & areas are in most demand to better serve you.

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