Danny’s Paving sending help for Louisiana flood victims, needs your help…

Danny’s Asphalt Paving a local West Texas business is stepping up to help our neighbors in Louisiana affected by recent floods. A truckload of supplies is scheduled to leave Wednesday morning. If you would like to help, donations of the following items will be accepted  (shovels, work gloves, school supplies, etc…). If you want to help out or want more info please call 432.563.1240, any and all help is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. I am a resident and a member of the St. Joseph Catholic in French Settlement, Louisiana. Our community and our surrounding communities suffered a very tragic and a historical flood one week ago. You may need a map to locate our very small town, but we know you did today, Mr. Danny Carrol Sr. You drove over 18 hours from Texas to our very small village. (That’s actually our official given name, French Settlement Village.)
    At first sight of that BIG TRI-AXLES TRAILER pulling in at our church, you had many of our dedicated workers, even the cook, thinking you were there to pave our very congested parking lot. They even thought for a second, you were very lost individual being so far from the interstate! It’s not very often to see a BIG RIG like yours rolling thru our town!
    Your arrival was a very memorable one. You rolled in after 18 long hours behind the wheel from Midland, Texas to arrive at our church. Your BIG RIG brought our church and the many people in our community, the best delivery to date.
    Your load contained the many items we needed most. It was like Christmas Day. Your truck contained the necessities needed by each person in our town. Your truck load was a true blessing for many people who are suffering and trying to clean, rebuild, and just survive. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your large much needed delivery.
    Our community is extremely blessed knowing that people like you, Mr. Danny, all the way in Texas, do exist in our ever changing world.

    Also we will surly keep you, DANNY’ ASPHALT AND PAVING in mind, when we do need our church parking lot paved.
    Just a joke there. But seriously, thank you and God bless you. May your travels back home be a safe one. The main purpose of this posting, is to let you know our village greatly appreciates your delivery today. You have blessed many people in our community who are experiencing a devastating loss. Again, God bless you.

    A resident in a small village in French Settlement.

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