DEEPWATER HORIZON 9th Anniversary Coming Up, Never Forget

April 20th marks the nine year anniversary of the horrific oilfield tragedy known as Deepwater Horizon.

Please take a moment on that day to remember our brothers that were lost.

Rest In Peace Brothers

  • Jason C. Anderson, age 35
  • Aaron Dale Burkeen, 37
  • Donald Clark, 49
  • Stephen Ray Curtis, 39
  • Gordon L. Jones, 28
  • Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27
  • Karl D. Kleppinger, Jr., 38
  • Keith Blair Manuel, 56
  • Dewey A. Revette, 48
  • Shane M. Roshto, 22
  • Adam Weise, 24

How it Happened

On April 20, 2010, the crew of the Deepwater Horizon was preparing to temporarily abandon BP’s “Macondo” discovery well in Mississippi Canyon (MC) Block 252 (Figure 1).

In a few hours, they would have been ready to move the drilling rig off location so that a completion rig could move on. At about 10:00 p.m., the rig unexpectedly began to shake and a loud surging noise was accompanied by

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