DEEPWATER HORIZON 9th Anniversary Coming Up, Never Forget

April 20th marks the nine year anniversary of the horrific oilfield tragedy known as Deepwater Horizon.

Please take a moment on that day to remember our brothers that were lost.

Rest In Peace Brothers

  • Jason C. Anderson, age 35
  • Aaron Dale Burkeen, 37
  • Donald Clark, 49
  • Stephen Ray Curtis, 39
  • Gordon L. Jones, 28
  • Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27
  • Karl D. Kleppinger, Jr., 38
  • Keith Blair Manuel, 56
  • Dewey A. Revette, 48
  • Shane M. Roshto, 22
  • Adam Weise, 24

How it Happened

On April 20, 2010, the crew of the Deepwater Horizon was preparing to temporarily abandon BPโ€™s โ€œMacondoโ€ discovery well in Mississippi Canyon (MC) Block 252 (Figure 1).

In a few hours, they would have been ready to move the drilling rig off location so that a completion rig could move on. At about 10:00 p.m., the rig unexpectedly began to shake and a loud surging noise was accompanied by

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