From NFL to Oil & Gas Industry | Oilfield1 Exclusive with Roy Williams, Former Dallas Cowboys Safety

Well it’s that time of year again, yes we’re talking about FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. We had the opportunity to sit down with one of football’s all time greatest safety’s, Mr. Hit-man himself Roy Williams. Anyone who know’s anything about football remembers Roy Williams with his day’s playing safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

Roy Williams has since traded in his football helmet for a hard hat as he is now President & Co-Owner of Global Security Corporation. Founded in 2012 Global Security Corporation provides a variety of services in the oil & gas industry including site security, environmental health & safety services, drug testing & more.




Roy is a former National Football League player. Roy played college football at the University of Oklahoma before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2002 NFL Draft. He played professionally for the Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals until his retirement in 2011. Roy earned countless collegiate and professional awards to include; Collegiate All American and five straight Pro Bowl selections. After retirement, Roy entered the security and safety industry where he is a co-owner of Global Security Corporation, Orion Security Solutions, Global 7 Environmental, Health & Safety and Global 7 Testing Solutions, an onsite drug & alcohol testing company. Roy also serves as a board member for two non-profit organizations and is an active supporter of others.


Why did you chose the Oilfield Industry? Well living in Oklahoma it just made sense to get apart of the Oil Industry.

What are your goals in the Oilfield Industry? My goals are like anyone else, I would like to grow my business and make connections and partnerships that turn into last long friendships.

What do you like about the Oilfield Industry? I love it. It’s a great Industry.

What do you dislike about the Oilfield Industry? The waiting game not knowing if a project is going to happen are not. But other than I have no complaints. Well if I’m being 100 percent honesty the companies out there using security guard services that aren’t using me is what I most dislike 🙂

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