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The oilfield is full of many awesome people who have amazing stories of how they got where they are now. Meet Clarissa Gomez!!! Clarissa is an oilfield consultant selling for over 20 companies and providing a wide range of services from trucking, hydrovac, heavy equipment, etc…. Clarissa went from having zero experience to becoming one of the leading sales reps in the the New Mexico & West Texas oilfield region in a matter of a few short years. She recently started her own company Reyna Services & has a very bright future ahead of her. Oilfield1 was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Clarissa and interview her about her journey. Checkout her interview below and connect with her on LinkedIn.

clarissa gomez

Connect with Clarissa Gomez on LinkedIn

What was the first thing you ever sold: Ok so…I didn’t know that I could sell. I was a collector for a furniture company and was thrown out to the floor to sell a couch to an oilfield guy because the sales girls were out to lunch. He wanted a black leather couch but after some questions I asked him he walked out with a black soft material couch and some big fluffy pillows to match. I spoke to him asked some questions and I helped him realize that after a long day of work he probably wouldn’t want to come home all sweaty and sit on a leather couch and get stuck to it because of the sweat.

How did you start your career in the Oilfield: I started in 2013 with a company out of Tatum, NM with 3 vacuum trucks. I literally knew nothing about vacuum trucks or drilling rigs. Some time later I was selling so fast the company couldn’t keep up so we were using other companies to help us on jobs. I was offered a job with another vacuum truck company in Hobbs, NM that had 10-12 trucks at the time if I’m not mistaken. I went with them because of their safety program. I wanted to feel safe. I had 3 kids to come home to so I needed that piece of mind. I picked up 3 drilling rigs from Murchisons, and more drilling rigs from Apache, things just blew up from there. My boss was buying more trucks, he was leasing more vac trucks to work for him and we used other local trucking companies to help us. He now has 30+ trucks and does well for himself.

How did you start Reyna Services: June 2016, I quit and decided I wanted to do something else. I tried a couple of things that just didn’t work out. December 2016, I met the owner of a hydrovac trucking company and he offered me a job. We spoke a few times but I never heard back from him. After being giving the run around for a while I decided to do my own thing and Reyna Services was born. My first client a was trucking company JES Oilfield Services out of Lovington, NM. JES is one of the best companies I have come across. Work started picking up with JES and the help of my previous trucking companies I picked up along the way. I now represent over 20 oilfield companies and a wide variety of services and equipment.

How does if feel having your own company: Its surreal but I try my best. I don’t have a degree in business or anything. I literally just going off of referrals and my reputation of delivering results. I just think sometimes…it all started with a black couch. Haha!

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