Jodie McDonald is OILSTRONG™

I would like to take a minute to give credit where credit is due. As founder of I have the pleasure of networking and connecting with thousands of oilfield professionals. I have been very fortunate to connect with a handful of people who really stand out and make an effort to help others.

Jodie McDonald is one of those who stands out. She is always selflessly posting job openings and sharing important information to help keep everyone updated. It is people like Jodie who make a difference.

Jodie is also founder of an awesome brand called OILSTRONG™. Her brand OILSTRONG™ is more than just awesome caps, shirts & stickers. OILSTRONG™ is a way of life and represents what Jodie, myself and so many others stand for. OILSTRONG™ represents the hard-working people & families in the oilfield. OILSTRONG™ represents our brothers and sisters struggling to find a job or keep a job. OILSTRONG™ represents coming together when one of our fellow oilfield families is struck with tragedy. OILSTRONG™ represents an ideology that if we network together & connect with one another, we can stand together and help each other.

I recommend you connect with Jodie McDonald and checkout her awesome brand OILSTRONG™!!!


Joey Morin | Founder

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