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Hillary Clinton is completely against the oil & gas industry & does not want our hard working oilfield families to get back to work. She is living in a clean energy fairy tale that will not happen for many many years from now. What are we suppose to do for the next 50 to 100 years? How are we suppose to support our families?

We are all for alternative energy & clean energy. However the truth is the our society, our country & the world is not and will not be ready for that transition for many years. In the mean time we should  let our oil & gas exploration companies drill & produce our own resources. “American Oil From American Soil.” This will help create jobs for our families, grow our economy & allow us to stop being dependent on foreign resources.

Also how about our government and all the oil & gas exploration companies sit down and come up with an agreement. An agreement where each exploration company has to contribute a set percentage of their revenue that will go into research & development of clean energy. Of course these are just ideas, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Now enjoy this video where Hillary Clinton clearly quotes that she pledges to stop fossil fuels.

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