Oilfield Worker Catches Wife Cheating, His Revenge is Priceless 😂

Given his profession he is regularly required to work away from home, moving all across the country for days or weeks. Holloway found leaving particularly hard as he missed his young son who he had with an ex-partner. However, his son was not the only person he missed…

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Holloway had a girlfriend who he had to say goodbye to when he left for work. Considering she had moved into his home, Holloway believed this was the real deal and his girlfriend was committed.

In his eyes, the pair were in love and everything was going swimmingly. He felt as though he had no reason to worry while he was traveling as he assumed his girlfriend would be waiting for his return. Little did he know, she had other intentions.

He wanted to surprise her by coming home a bit early, thinking it would spark an exciting response. For the entire duration of his journey home, Holloway was picturing how his surprise would turn out. However, the reality was far from his imagination.

It was late at night so he assumed his girlfriend would be sound asleep. Creeping up the stairs to their bedroom he slowly opened the door…

Duston Holloway was in total shock as he walked into his bedroom, faced with a sight he would never be able to erase from his memory. He walked in to find his girlfriend in his bed lying next to another man! Emotions ran high, not only was he absolutely furious but he was devastated.

Holloway froze, he had no idea what to do. He began making up different scenarios in his head on how to approach the situation.

At first, he thought about waking up the man and battling him in order to see who was righteous enough for the bed space. He then thought about waking up his girlfriend and went over to her, prodding and poking her. However, the two were so intoxicated that neither budged. [read more]

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