Welcome to the Oilfield Jordan Horn!!!

Do you remember your first day of work in the oilfield? Not knowing anyone, anything & not knowing the terminology or lingo. Most of us have been working the patch so long we forgot how overwhelming it can be for newcomers. As oilfield professionals & veterans we should always take time to welcome & help our industry newcomers.

Oilfield1 would like to give a warm oilfield welcome to newcomer Jordan Horn!!! Jordan began her journey in the oilfield industry on May 2017. She is from the San Antonio area and is a proud single mother of 2 beautiful children ages 12 & 6. Jordan is currently Sales/Customer Relations for Meyer Energy Services LLC located in Floresville TX.


Why the Oilfield? I wanted something to help me better provide for my family and something that is challenging.

What are your career goals? The skies the limit, become well known in the industry and help my company grow.

What do you like so far about working in the oilfield? I love the friendly hard working people, building business relationships, driving the dirt roads & the small town restaurants and cafe’s.

What are your dislikes about working the oilfield? It is hot as HELL in South Texas and the heavy FR’s don’t help, also they need to make cuter FR’s for women lol.

What services does your company provide? Hydro Excavation, Air Movers, Tank Cleaning, Vac Boxes, Lease Crews, Hydraulic Torquing, Hydro Blasting, Super Sucker Trucks, Rig Wash & more….. ” Tell everyone to call me now for these services in South & West Texas areas 210.860.0564 “

Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn

Welcome to the Oilfield Jordan!!!

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